Getting Personal with Quality Customized Hockey Pucks

The modern hockey puck has actually come quite a long way. Before a regulatory body like the NHL instituted modern standards, early hockey players used to hit a rubber ball around. As time went on, that ball evolved, first by cutting the tops and bottoms off, making it more or less like a square that slid around instead of rolling. Today, after many innovations, the modern hockey puck is vulcanized rubber, about 1 inch in thickness and 3 inches in circumference. 

These advancements continue, as we see a range of specialized hockey pucks that are used for training purposes, practices, and even customized hockey pucks that are used for events like the Stanley Cup Playoffs. However, personalized hockey pucks do not end in the big leagues. Anyone can enjoy custom pucks for hockey with a service like Custom Hockey Pucks.


What Are Custom Hockey Pucks?

As a piece of personal hockey equipment, customized pucks for hockey are exactly how they sound. They're real hockey pucks, made from high-quality vulcanized rubber, at regulation size and weight, that are stamped with a personal touch. Now, of course, the "personal" in this really depends on what you want as a customer. Perhaps your favorite NHL team, or maybe the jersey number of your favorite athlete. You can go for logos, pictures of trophies like the Stanley Cup, and much more. Best of all, these personalized pucks can be embossed with people's names, and even their photos, so whether a kid just learning how to play or a lifelong fan, they can have a customized hockey puck with their name on it.

One of the coolest aspects about these pucks is that they're high-quality and are regulation size and weight. The customization process in no way affects how these pucks operate on the ice, so they can be taken out and played with just like a basic blank hockey puck. In terms of custom hockey equipment, these items are the pinnacle of cool. While, of course, they also make great keepsakes to frame and save.

The Benefits of Personalized Hockey Pucks

The market is rife with competition when it comes to getting things personalized. One search on your favorite web engine and you can find everything from custom wall clocks and photo frames to keychains and even cell phone covers. So, what makes the hockey equipment from Custom Hockey Puck stand out among the crowd? Well, it's all about the benefits.

Merchandise That Screams Quality

One thing that Custom Hockey Puck offers that is rarely found in the breadth of the customization genre is true quality. Say, for instance, you want a personalized wall clock. Yes, it's unrelated to hockey equipment, but you should realize that in this genre, they're printing low-quality text and images on cheap acrylic items and then marking the price up significantly. With Custom Hockey Puck, they start out with high-quality pucks, just like teams and leagues use, made of the best vulcanized rubber, and coming in at regulation weight and size. So, right off the bat, you're getting a piece of personalized hockey equipment that's actual hockey equipment, not some novelty piece of plastic with a name or logo printed on it. That's rare in this genre.

Quick to Create and Ship

Another problem that many people find when dealing with this genre of customization is that the items they order take forever to be completed and shipped. There are countless negative stories online via blogs and forums, whereby people recount that time they tried to order a custom item on December 4th for Christmas, only to have the item arrive the first week of January. Custom Hockey Puck takes customer orders more seriously and quickly gets to work with printing out the pucks with the exact customization features people ordered, so that the items can be completed and shipped in a timely manner.

A Variety Offered

As another very solid benefit of going with Custom Hockey Puck, they also offer pucks that are suitable for everyone. How great would it be, for both the family and the child growing up, if your child's photo, in his or her hockey jersey, was printed on a puck? This is really something amazing for hockey lovers. This sport of generational for many, and it means a great deal to the lives of children and their parents growing up. Personalized pucks can become ideal keepsakes for families to cherish.

Inexpensive Equipment

In the world of custom goods, one has to understand that the prices are very exaggerated, as many of these companies predate on people who are scrambling to find the perfect gift for holidays and special occasions. Christmas, birthdays, or even things like graduations are all ideal occasions for personalized hockey equipment, and stores are aware of this. Though with Custom Hockey Puck, the prices are always fair. Unlike some places that want to gouge customers just to place some stickers on pucks, there are services out there that offer lower rates for quality merchandise, because they're not only operating a business but are also true hockey fans who want to help people get the custom hockey pucks they want.

Bulk Puck Purchases

Say that you're a coach of a youth hockey club, the Little Guy Lions, or whatever the team's name may be. so you want personalized pucks for hockey that your team can practice with, play with, and even take home as a reward if they do something amazing like score the elusive hat trick. Custom Hockey Puck offers bulk ordering options, which is a great way to save money. So, for instance, a coach can pick up personalized team pucks that come in bulk orders ranging from 10 to 99 pucks, up to over 500 pucks.

Dual Side Printing

One very cool aspect of customized pucks that Custom Hockey Puck offers that you won't find in too many other places, is the fact that logos and names can be printed on both sides of the puck. While this might seem like a small detail to some, those who take their hockey seriously know what a big deal this is. Banging that puck around on the ice means that it's changing positions constantly. The team logo, someone's name, etc, always being top-side is the very reason someone may want to buy a personalized hockey puck.

Why Buy Personalized Hockey Equipment?

Everyone has different reasons that they may want to purchase personalized hockey equipment. Some parents may want to inspire their children top play hockey, so they give them some cool, personalized pucks with logos of their favorite teams or players. Or, as previously stated, some coaches may want their players to have personalized pucks that bear the team's name. If a player does well, a great reward could be a puck with their name and jersey number. The possibilities are endless.

Youth Players Love It

Many studies have shown that one of the biggest draws to getting youth to participate in sports isn't their idolization of famous athletes; rather, it's the emulation. They want to see their names on the backs of jerseys. It's one thing to do with those sports idols do, but another thing entirely to live vicariously through them by essentially becoming them. This happens through personalized gear; it's something that's easy to accomplish with a personalized hockey puck. Sure, the adults love it too, but it's something that really motivates youth players and causes them to fall in love with the game even more so than watching those stars on TV or in stadiums.

The Ideal Gift

Specialized hockey pucks are an awesome gift idea for just about any occasion. It doesn't even need to be a recognized holiday. Say it's your son's or daughter's first day of practice for a youth hockey league. He or she is nervous about playing, but a box is laid in front of them with a bow on it. They rip it open, they see their personalized puck, complete with their photo on it. Suddenly, they're that much more excited about going out there and playing the sport. This is the sort of stuff proud parents live for, and the sort of memory that the child will have for the rest of their life.

It's Economical

Just because many personalized gear shops charge the proverbial arm and a leg doesn't mean they all do. Custom Hockey Puck takes great pride in offering very low rates on high-quality merchandise. So if someone is taking notes for a budget, they will notice that it's very affordable to have some custom, personalized pucks that create a beautiful, fun and personalized piece of hockey equipment.

The bottom line here is that getting personalized hockey equipment like customized hockey pucks is just very beneficial for myriad reasons. Not only can they be great gifts for people of all ages, and even motivating factors for people just getting into the game, but they're also very affordable items that you can have quickly created and shipped to you, without having to break the bank.

Custom Hockey Puck is your go-to location for the best in specialized hockey pucks and a range of other personal gear.