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We print on the Viceroy hockey pucks. Technically, it's an imported puck manufactured in Sri Lanka but it is formulated in Canada by Viceroy. Viceroy has been a puck manufacturer in Canada for decades and locating the manufacturing in Sri Lanka is no accident. That part of the world has access to natural rubber sources that is cost effective. The end result is a quality puck that still has CANADA proudly molded on the side. The puck properties such as hardness, weight, thickness, rebound elasticity, flatness, diameter etc. correspond to IIHF norms, and the strictest requirements of the Canadian-American National Ice-Hockey League. These official pucks have a size of 76 x 25 mm and weight of 165 gr. (3 inches x 1 inch and 6 onces)
Once the order has been finalized and payment is authorized, the pucks are ready for shipping within 7 days (3 days for RUSH orders). We print your logo right here in our office using our leading-edge digital UV printer (no subcontractors).
Orders are shipped using Canada Post, USPS, UPS or Purolator and should reach the destination in less than 2-6 business days.
Customers assume all responsibility for orders once they leave our office.
Signature and insurance options are available at the time of checkout.

Tracking your order

We will e-mail you a tracking number the day your order is shipped. Orders are shippped from our office in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

Shipping cost

Cost of shipping is based on the number of pucks you purchase. Click here to calculate the estimated shipping cost.

CustomHockeyPuck sells and ships to Canadian and American customers only.

Durability of the logo on the hockey puck

• Please note that while we make every effort possible to ensure the maximum durability of our pucks, using custom pucks for game play will result in damage to the logo. The abrasive surface of the ice, intense compression from slapshots, skate blades, and a myriad of other factors make for an incredibly damaging environment.

• The level of play at which the pucks are used will also affect the length of time a logo will last on a puck. It is often noted that during an NHL game, a logo will only last 4-6 minutes on a puck before coming off completely. Conversely, a custom puck could easily last for a season of Squirt-level play without seeing significant damage.

• Because of the wide range of environments and conditions any given puck may face, we cannot guarantee how long a custom puck can be used for game play before its logo displays damage.